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The gist of the story (since I just found out it costs $700 to repost the article on a website) is that the Green Dam software program has been axed in China.  Green Dam was allegedly an anti-pornographic program that the government decided must be installed on every computer in China.  Chinese techies quickly exposed security vulnerabilities and found that its pornographic filtering features would automatically block any photo with too much of the color yellow in it (no joke!).  The obvious problem with the software was that it didn’t work as intended, but also that it was a cover for a censorship/monitoring scheme.  Though the Chinese government would never admit it, it’s almost assured that the software would keep very detailed user information and forward it to the proper authorities if users are visiting websites they “shouldn’t.”

The software will be required on public computers at the library and such, but at least private users won’t be forced into this.  A great victory for the Chinese public over unpopular government policies.  It might help if you ask the people before you start imposing rules, yes?