Two interesting stories today:

1) Reporters Without Borders published their press freedom index. The US comes in at #20, while China clocks in at #168.  First place was a five-way tie between Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, and Sweden, while Eritrea took the coveted last place (#175).  Movers and shakers were the US, jumping 20 spots since last year, and Israel sinking a whopping 47 places.  Read more at the above link.

2) The House Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that the latest healthcare bill from the House – one that includes a public option – will reduce the deficit. The cost is $870 billion over 10 years.  The CBO is probably one of the most respected agencies in government, as they are entirely nonpartisan and have constantly destroyed other health care bills with…you know…facts.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a public health system saves money.  I just read another article about this today from the CFR.  Taiwan charges $20 a month for full coverage in a government plan.  Americans pay $500 per month for the same treatment.  Consumers would gladly spend that extra $480 a month on all sorts of products.  Keynesian economics still live!