In sum, Liu Xianbin, who peacefully maintains a blog that criticizes the Chinese government and suggests democratic reform, got sentenced to 10 years in prison. This will be his second prison term (first was from 1999-2008) for the same crime. The article says the trial lasted only a few hours, and only Xianbin’s wife and brother were allowed to attend.

Let’s compare this with Li Qiming. This guy was driving at Hefei University late at night and ran over 2 people, killing one of them. He was caught by security guards when fleeing the scene, and when they tried to take him to the police station, he threatened them by saying “My dad is Li Gang”. His father is a high ranking police official in Hefei city.

The government’s response was to forbid journalists from reporting this story and force the defendant’s lawyer to drop the case, by threatening to revoke his license to practice law.  In the end, Li Qiming got 6 years in prison.  Six years for killing someone, severely injuring a second person, and attempting to flee the scene.

The priorities of this legal system are really messed up.