As Foreign Policy magazine puts it, things are going from bad to worse for anyone who has a history of challenging one-party rule.   More than 50 people have either been charged with subversion or have simply “disappeared”.  Liu Xianbin will spend another 10 years in the slammer in addition to the previous 10 he did for the same crime (advocating non-violent political reform).  Ai Weiwei, an incredibly popular artist in China and abroad has disappeared without a trace from a Beijing airport.  Something like 200 other activists have either reported house arrest or under constant police observation.

This is really getting out of hand.  It’s probably the biggest sweep up of dissidents in a decade.  So far I’m able to get on WordPress and use the VPN just fine, but who knows how long that will hold out.

Anyway, hope all these people are safe and get released soon.  It will be very interesting to see if this generates more anti-government attitudes (it seems like it would) or if these dissidents will really be scared off.