It’s very frustrating to watch people intentionally and unintentionally mangle the language of the proposed health care bills in Congress.  The fact that there isn’t even a bill yet makes it even more frustrating.  The loudest voices are often the ones with nothing to say, so every day we get to watch ravenous crowds relate expanding health care coverage to Nazi oppression.  You’d think we were invading a country or something.

Politicians aren’t helping either.  Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), whom I normally like, has been giving town hall meetings all week under the pretense of warning people about their impending doom.  Despite being very rational and cooperative for the last few months, he’s now telling his constituents they ought to be afraid about programs that might “pull the plug on grandma.” I understand and support his opposition to a single-payer plan, but his language over the past few days very obviously states that his true goal is having no plan at all.

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