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I haven’t blogged in a long time, but since Google+ doesn’t seem to have too wide an audience, maybe I’ll write more stuff here.

I went to Taiwan a few weeks ago and was surprised, once again, how un-Chinese it is in so many ways.  I’ve been reading some more stuff about Asia and politics in general (recommend “The Dictator’s Handbook”, if you have a chance) and started thinking more about the crazy and often times illogical approach the US has taken towards China, and specifically the Republic of China (ROC).  I wanted to lay out the history as I see it.  I’ll do it in 3 posts, 1 about the mainland days of the ROC, 1 for Taiwan days of the ROC, and 1 for recommendations on how both the US and Taiwan can improve their relations.  Yes, I’m a complete nerd.

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Two (probably) unrelated stories that reflect the difficulty of getting facts in China.

The first has do to with the $400 million dollar renovation of the National Museum of China.  I guess I should have probably seen where this is going based my experience visiting the Shenzhen history museum, but Chinese museums seem to have no problem creating an entirely flawless image of the Communist Party.  Foreigners, emperors, and certainly the old Republican government can be corrupt or evil, but the Party can do no wrong.

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